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Thank your for your kind mail:

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful and on going account of all the fun and exciting activities. You and the staff on the trip made me feel that my daughter Kayla was being well taken care of. I will without a doubt recommend this program to all. Kayla can not stop talking about what an awesome experience this was for her. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of her.
Warmest Regards,
Agatha Verney
Dear Domenico:
Beautifully stated. Thank you and your staff for providing a wonderful, memorable experience for all students. I know that my daughter Julia, had a wonderful time this summer.~
Rosanne and Gino Giancola

Dear Mr. and Ms. Servello,
I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful trip, I had an amazing time and it wouldn't have been the same without you there. You have chosen a great team of staff and I truly felt like I was at home. Centro Scuola 2012 will always be in my heart, and the memories created will be cherished for a lifetime. I hope you enjoy a realizing vacation for the rest of the summer.
 God bless,
Amanda Spinosa
Ciao Domenico, Pina and all the wonderful, dedicated staff at Centro Scuola Calabria,
 Many, many thanks to all of you for your dedication and care for our daughter Vanessa and all the children who traveled to Calabria with you!
 I had no doubt that this trip would be quite an experience for Vanessa. Having traveled with the Schola Cantorum in the past, (Sig. Alberto and Caroline Di Giovanni), I was at absolute ease sending Vanessa to Calabria with all of you.
Traveling with just a couple of teenagers is no easy task for anyone, traveling with 103 of them seems an impossible task, BUT, obviously, you all executed yourselves in such a professional, fun and easy going manner, that even the teenagers found it inevitable to be respectful and appreciative of your responsibility and your efforts to keep them ALL in order, safe and at the same time well-fed and superbly entertained!
 Centro Scuola is a first-class opportunity for any teenager to be fortunate enough to experience and certainly one that any parent of a teenager would appreciate and encourage their child to participate in,
 Vanessa has expressed that she had the experience of her life...there was nothing at all negative in her discussions...she made so many new friends, she enjoyed all the places you took her to see, she took her
studies seriously and enjoyed learning so much about Italy and its extensive history. She absolutely loved everything about her trip to beautiful Calabria with all of you.
 Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such great care and for showing our daughter, Vanessa just a little bit of our beautiful Italia!!
 Be well and we look forward to seeing you all in October.
 Arrivederci and mille grazie a tutti!
 Carmine & Teresa and Vanessa Montemarano

 Dear Domenico and Pina and Staff
 We are so grateful and pleased with the fantastic experiences Luis shared with you this summer on this amazing trip to southern Italy. Since returning Luis has continuously talked about all his travels, delicious food and new friends he made and especially the staff at the hotel and teachers! We feel he has gained a true appreciation and love for the Italian culture, people and beauty of Italy, he loved Sicily!! Luis repeatedly expressed how much he was going to miss the food!! As he reflects upon this great trip we know he will cherish the memories and hopefully return to Italy and keep his Italian heritage close in his heart.
 Many thanks to you the very brave and generous staff of Centro Scuola for taking excellent care of our little angel?!! Your patience and efforts with our energetic and at times challenging teenagers is much appreciated!

Dear Domenico, Pina and staff of Centro Scuola Calabria
We would like to thank each and every one of you for the fabulous experience, responsibility, and care given to Marc as well as the other students.
Upon Marc's arrival and after speaking to many of the other students, it was evident that they had developed a very close bond, and many lasting memories. There was so much excitement and positive feedback with wonderful stories of their experience.
Thank you for the opportunity given, the excellent organization of such a large group of students and the safe return of each and every one of them. The daily blogs and photos sent were also very reassuring. What a fantastic setup.
Once again, thank you to you, your wife Pina and the rest of the staff of at Centro Scuola Calabria.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Italy and enjoy the rest of the summer! Now maybe you can relax!
Annette, Frank and Marc Pietrobon

Mr. Servello,
Thanks to you, your lovely wife and to all the staff of Centro Scuola.

Thanks for keeping us posted throughout the trip. It is obvious that you have all gone to great lengths to ensure a great trip was had by all. This was a trip my daughter will never forget.
We are now going to head out for our family vacation…….and this trip is going to be a tough act to follow.
Thanks again.
Enjoy the rest of your stay in Italia and have a wonderful summer.
Antonietta Pagani
Hi Domenic.
I'm Stefano Barbera's mom Just wanted to thank you and your staff for, making this such an amazing trip for my son. He has not stopped talking about it, he had the time of his life. Looking at all his pictures and they are all amazing. He has returned back to us so happy, and so confident. Thank You again for having a cake for him. He told me you guys did it at midnight and he was so surprised.
Enjoy the rest of your trip, and i will highly recommend this program to others.
Angelica and Vito Barbera

Dear Domenic, Pina and all staff of Centro Scuola Calabria 2012,
I would like to take this opportunity to send you my sincere heartfelt thanks for the care of my daughter Christina Amico.
As you know it has been a very difficult time for us with the loss of her father Stefano just three months ago and Christina had many reservations about coming to Italy so soon after his death.
However, it was both their dream that she get to have this fantastic experience.
Christina did come to Calabria and left with many priceless memories and experiences. She formed so many friendships and relationships and said it felt like one big family. She told me of the many times she cried and was comforted, of the prayers and candles lit, of the mass dedicated to my husband and of the gentle caring of my daughter.
As a mother, I thank you and your entire staff for the compassion and love you have shown my daughter and our family.
May God Bless you all!
 Nancy Amico

Hi Domenico.
I wish to thank you, your lovely wife and the Centro staff for making my daughter Amanda’s trip so memorable. She has truly been transformed with a huge appreciation and understanding of her Calabrian/Italian heritage and she now has what she calls her new ‘Centro family’! I’m appreciative of all the cultural experiences offered including lots of ‘play time’ but also the serious academic time which resulted in her outstanding final exam mark. I’m sure managing such a large group of young people goes without it’s challenges but I’m grateful for your professionalism and the regular updates and photos on the blog brought much comfort and envy!
Mille grazie.
Signora Mickey Spinosa
 Once again many thanks to all of u at Centro Scuola. My son Mario Tersigni had a fabulous time. Thank u all for taking great care of my son and giving him the opportunity and experience of a lifetime. Thank u for all your emails and updates.   
Carla Tersigni

 July 2012, what a busy month!  My son attended Centro Scuola at Dante Alighieri to begin his grade 12 Classic Civilization History course, which he would complete in Calabria, Italy.  During his week at Dante, my father became ill and ended up in the hospital with heart problems.  Worried about his grandfather’s well being, my son was having second thoughts about travelling to Italy.  He became anxious about flying and leaving the family.  After informing Mr. Servello about my son’s fears; he assured me that Mr. Femia and he will be speaking to him about it.  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for talking to him. You both made him feel comfortable and safe.  You supported his feelings and treated him like your own son.  When he contacted me from Italy, I was happy to tell him that my dad was doing better, and that he didn’t have to worry about anything.  He then told me that the Centro Scuola Staff was very caring and understanding.  What an experience this trip has been for my son!  He has learned so much about the real Italian Culture.  He felt at home because you treated him and the rest of the students as if they were your own children.  Keeping us parents informed every night about the daily activities, and the well being of our children, was beyond my expectations.  We looked forward at home every evening to receiving those emails with the pictures.  I would recommend this program to anyone looking for such a unique learning experience.  My son returned speaking better Italian, “what a joy for his grandparents, and us”, more mature and independent.  He speaks highly of the Centro Scuola Staff, the learnings, the accommodations, food, and places he visited. He said “I thank Mr. Servello and Mr. Femia for talking to me and assuring me that everything was going to be fine; I am so happy that I listened to them, and decided to go”.  Once again, I extend a big “THANK YOU” to Mr. Servello, his wife Pina, the entire staff in Toronto and Italy involved in such a wonderful program.
 Carmela Bavosa

Hi Mr. Servello, and staff of Centro Scuola Calabria 2012,
on behalf of myself, and my wife Rosanna, we want to thank you and all your staff for taking care of Christopher and all his classmates on this wonderful excursion in Italy. Thanks for all the update emails and pictures on the blog. We have heard from other parents that all the students had an amazing time. Both the learning and cultural experience could not be duplicated elsewhere.
"It was a trip of a lifetime" -Christopher Uccello
We look forward to the reunion dinner in October.
Sincerely and gratefully,
Tony and Rosanna Uccello.