Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sat July 20th Daily News

Dear Parents, 

As the little angels are fast asleep, we are sending you our daily update. The little ones were very busy once again today. After breakfast they went eagerly to school to do their epic poem presentations in front of the class. They dressed up and acted out their work like real actors. 

After school we had lunch and soon there after we rewarded the little scholars with another trip to Davoli beach. They had a lot of fun playing soccer, beach volleyball and enjoyed the beautiful day on the beach. At 6:00 p.m. we gathered onto our buses and we went back to our respective hotels. 

We had dinner and soon there after we went to my hometown for the student's to experience the "festa del paese" it was in fact the feast of La Madonna delle Grazie. After a brief visit to the church they had free time to explore and to enjoy the live music. Many of them got so involved in the festivities that they were invited on stage and they really stole the show. Unfortunately this year they did not have the traditional end of the evening fireworks. So we made our way to our buses and we got back to our respective hotels. 

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A domani 

Domenico Servello  Direttore - Centro Scuola e Cultura Italiana