Wednesday, July 17, 2019

School and afternoon at the beach

Hello Parents, 
Before I begin the email I would like to remind you that many pictures and videos are posted on our Blog and on Twitter throughout the day everyday. So if you want to see your little ones you should visit our Blog and follow us on Twitter. 
Your little ones have had a day full of activities today in Serra and at the beach in Davoli. This morning we all had breakfast at Hotel Certosa and soon there after we made our way to school. The little scholars worked on writing their Epic Poem (assignment) and they studied for tomorrow's test on Greece. After lunch we were all ready and eager to board the bus to the beach in Davoli. We arrived and the Havana Beach Club Lido staffed welcomed us and offered our little world travelers chairs and umbrellas free of charge. Today was an ideal beach day and the student's spent their time playing beach volleyball, beach soccer, swimming and sun bathing under the hot sun. At 6 o'clock we left the beach and we boarded the buses that took us to our respective hotels to shower and change for dinner. 

During dinner we received a visit from the deputy mayor and the president of the municipal council who officially welcomed the Centro Scuola student's to Serra San Bruno. At the end of dinner we celebrated Alessia's birthday with other beautiful cake made by Biagio. After dinner the student's were allowed some leisure time in the main street of Serra San Bruno where they enjoyed lounging, walking, eating gelato or the very popular crepe. 

Everyone got back on time to Hotel Certosa and from there after signing in they boarded the buses to go back to their respective hotels. The report is that they are now fast asleep, calling mommy and daddy or studying for the test tomorrow. 


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A domani 

Domenico Servello  Direttore - Centro Scuola e Cultura Italiana