Monday, July 22, 2019

Another Beautiful Day In Serra San Bruno - July 22

Hello Parents, 

We are still here working downloading pictures on the Blog and on Twitter of your little ones having lots of fun and academic activities in Serra San Bruno. This morning they were very punctual waking up, getting on the bus and getting to breakfast on time. In school they had a study hall for tomorrow's test and were also given time to work on their assignment. After school we had lunch and soon there after we got on the bus to get to Davoli. The weather was perfect today and the student's enjoyed many activities on the beach. After showering and changing we all reconvened for dinner at Hotel Certosa. At the end of dinner we celebrated Jaidyn's birthday and soon there after the little ones had fun with karaoke and dancing. 

After that they all signed in and went back to their hotels. 

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