Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Work and Play

The little scholars at work 

Concentrating and reviewing 

In class with your friend.....priceless 

The picture is distracting us

Where is the rest of the class? 

Some of us are here! 

Here are the rest! 

We love going to school in Serra

We love it too! 

Can we share notes? 

This is really interesting! 

Now lets pause for a pose

I want to read out the answer 

Very relaxed

Let me think about this 

Staying hydrated in class is important 

This water is too wet and salty 

Are you going to put this on the blog? 

Mom and Dad we are at the office too! 

Fanta and Pizza at Davoli....the best! 

I'm not serving it, I am eating it

Sir, can we take a selfie? 

We want to be in the blog too! 

So do we

This is beautiful 

Loving the water 

We want a selfie for the blog too Sir

Granita on the beach 

Relaxing at our lido

Playing volleyball under a grey sky 

Mr. Sun, Mr. Gold Sun hiding.......