Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Vibo Centre and Pizzo

Looking for deals 

Walking around 

The shopping boys 

How do we rent a horse? 

Shopping with our friends 

Shopping or posing? 

What do you think of these? 

Lots of bargains


Spending some of your money mom and dad

Is this for the blog? 

We like to shop too

And so do we

I like this 

Shopping buddies 
Gathering around 

Can you put this on the blog? 

Stunning view of Pizzo 

Our Centro Scuola Staff 

Selfie in the streets of Pizzo 

Tartufo with friends 

Enjoy ice cream in the main corso in Pizzo 

Selfless selfie 

Meeting relatives in Pizzo 

Dinner in Pizzo 

Tartufo in Pizzo 

Selfie with the boys for the blog 

Tartufo at Belvedere 

Tartufo to go 

Waiting for tartufo 

Can you put this on the blog