Thursday, July 19, 2018

Scuola, Mercato e Scuola

Walking in Serra San Bruno 

Posing for a picture 

Leading the charge 

Girl power at bigliardino

Passeggiata sul corso 

Very stylish 

Taking a break from shopping at the mercato 

Our local boys 

Chilling with the young boys of Serra 

We bargained and got good deals at the mercato 

Can you put this on the blog? 

We love the mercato 

Afternoon picture for the blog 

We love the Roseto Residence 

Passeggiata sul corso 

Purchased cheese al mercato 

Just a little snack al mercato 

You like my new purchase? 

Unbeatable prices 

Walking through the mercato 

Waiting for pizza 

We are going to try it on 

Tasty pizza al mercato 

We are just starting 

Posing for Ms. Cugliari 

Leading the way 

More mercato pictures 

Is this going to fit us? 

Just buying the essentials 

I will shop after eating 

Our shopping counsellor 

The end of the road for the mercato 

I didn't spend too much of your money dad 

We want to be on the blog too