Thursday, July 26, 2018

Another Full Day of Activities

Buying different flavoured taralli  

Looking for bargains 

From school across the street to the mercato 

Lots of bargains 

We just finished 

We are just starting 

This is for the blog 

Shopping for jeans 

Casual shoppers 

Buying shoes 

It looks like its about to rain 

A break from shopping 

Good deal on bathing suits 

What do you think of this price? 

Posing for the blog 

We bought lemons 

We love marking 

I am having a blast marking 
We want to be on the blog too 

Beautiful clear water 

Can you post this? 

The speedos 

Playing in the water 

Trying to make the pyramid 

Getting a henna on the beach 

Please post this sir! 

Finally a selfie with you sir 

Best friends 
Happy Birthday Ms. Manco 

Buon Compleanno 

The fidanzati 

Tanti auguri 

From the staff