Monday, July 30, 2018

Paola and Due Mari

Going to the bank 

Waiting in line to get my money 

A picture with the bankers 

I am waiting too 
Interesting information about San Francesco 

The furnace San Francesco made the miracle of the lamb 

San Francesco made spring water appear with a touch of his cane and people  drink from 

The bridge of the spitting 

A walk to continue the itinerary  

Crossing the river 

Getting to the spring 

At the mall having a snack 

Video/Picture Contest Winners for 2018 

Can you put it on the blog? 

We are on a mission 

Lounging in the mall 

Coming into the mall 

Taking a selfie 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Church, Beach and Exams

Ready to read

Taking communion 

Studying for exams 

Studying in the lunch room 

In the pizzeria 

Studying on the patio 
Just taking a break 
Exams on the beach 

My shirt shrunk 

Can you put this on the blog? 

Sir we just finished 

Bargaining for marks 

Lounging after exams