Sunday, July 23, 2017

Busy Sunday in Serra San Bruno

Rosa reads the second reading 

Mr. Plateo reads the Gospel in English 

Centro Scuola's readers 

Natalie reads the prayer of the faithful 

Steven reads the prayer of the faithful 

In church with my friend 
Ready for communion 

Aperitivo before lunch 

Presenting the exams 

Studying for exams 

One of them just finished their exams 

Soccer with the locals 

With the support of the cheerleaders 

We took a break from the soccer 
Family visits our students 

Cannoli for dessert...we could get use to this 

Mom I am the one with the cannolo....not with the cigarette 

Better than the Sicilian ones 

Dressing up for dinner 
Spending the evening the local way 

On the steps of the church 

We are not out on a date

Sitting like the locals 

It is a sacrifice but someone has to do it 

Are you going to put that on the blog? 

I am in so many pictures 

Can you take a picture of us? 

The most blogged and the blogger 

Another nice picture for the blog