Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Another Fun Day

School in the afternoon in Serra San Bruno.....priceless!! 

Lounging at Hotel Certosa

Relaxing after jogging 

Who is behind the pillow? 

Official drink of Centro Scuola Summer Credit.....Acqua 

Studying in style at hotel Duca di Calabria 

Happy Birthday Amanda 

I want my friends in the picture 

Mr. Plateo does not know who did it! 

I know I'm in Calabria but I prefer a tea! 

Karaoke at Hotel Certosa 

I want to choose the next song 

Serra San Bruno idol 

We love this song 

The karaoke masters 

Can you put this picture on the blog? 

Can you spot the intruder in the picture? 

It's our turn to sing! 

Another song 

Singing and dancing at the hotel 

The group of seven 

The group of six 

I finally got your picture! You cannot escape my "Smart Phone"