Monday, July 25, 2016

Taormina and Reggio Calabria

Very unusual welcoming committee 

Sitting and waiting to get to the other side 

Picture with Sam Ciccolini 

Up on deck with my friend 

Windy as you can see 

Sir can we take a selfie? 

Sicilia is on the other side 

Hello up there! 

Enjoying the view 

Hello down there 

Another picture with Sam 

Justin and Sam 

Shopping in Taormina 

Living it up! 

Just sitting down 

Having lunch with my family in Taormina 

Lunch with friends 


Gelato in Taormina 

Do we have to go in to buy? 

Boys on a mission 

Lunch with friends 

Just finished shopping 

Nice picture without posing 

My name is not Russel

Nice spot for lunch

We found the arancini 

Can you put us on twitter to make mommy happy? 

Back on the ferry

Arancini are so good

Making a business deal on the ferry 

Shopping in Reggio Calabria 

Spectacular view 

Beautiful sky 

A selfie with the sky 

Listening in Taormina 
Goodnight selfie