Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday in Serra San Bruno

Going to communion 

Beautiful church 

Playing soccer inside this beautiful facility 

Outdoor soccer 


Worthy of a post! 

Casual tennis playing 

Lounging like we know how 

More indoor soccer 

Working out 

Chilling out 

Can you put this picture on the blog sir? 

Please take a picture of us 


We love briscola

Picnic or what? 

Centro Scuola summer credit in Alaska 

Sir where is the soccer field 

Where are my friends? 

That's how you eat pizza children! 

The three amigos 

Just coming back from the river where we washed our clothes 

Pizza on the go in the streets of Serra 

Sitting on the steps of the church is priceless 

Another selfie 

Please put us on the blog because our moms don't see our pictures often enough 

Sir can we have a selfie with you? 

Students in piazza 

Here you are Pina! 

Goodnight picture 

The wifi is better here sir! 

More pictures for your enjoyment