Monday, July 18, 2016

Study and Play

Preparing for our presentation 

I'm supervising the presentation 

Presenting in class 

Let the cool air come in 

Hiding behind your hands 

Mr. Plateo's class 

Having fun in our class 

Studying hard 

Writing a test 

It's part of our presentation

Mr. Manco's class 

Ms. Cina's class 

Ms. Cugliari's class

Preparing for our presentation 

We are ready to present 

In the pharmacy 

I'm not here because I am sick 

A small snack 10 minutes for lunch 

A strange picture 

On our way to the beach 

Finally at the beach 

What a beautiful day 

This is a perfect day for the beach 

We ordered room service 

We love it here 

Today we also play bocce 

and it is very fun 

The bar of Havana Beach

Pizza and fresh fruit 

Can you put us on the blog 

Pure noi 

Playing briscola at the beach 

Mr. blog's comeback 

What a selfie 

Another selfie 

Sir, can we take a selfie for the blog? 

Competitive volleybal game