Saturday, July 16, 2016

Serra San Bruno and Simbario

Waiting to go to school 

Basketball in the courtyard of hotel Certosa 

Shopping at Punto Uno

Mario helping our student shop 

Happy Birthday Katerina! 

Happy Birthday Mariah!

Buon Compleanno 

Arrival in Simbario 

The legend of the statue of Madonna delle Grazie 

In the street of Simbario 

Gelato in Simbario 

Ciccio's Bar enjoying ice cream 

Sir, can you put us on the blog? 

My father grew up in this house 

Nice picture with my friends 

Can you please put us on the blog? 

Stealing the show....

with our dancing 

Sir we love your town! 

We love it too! 

Can we take a picture with you sir? 

We are having a lot of fun

We are having a lot of fun too! 

No, we are not locals 

Tarantella in piazza...lots of fun! 

We want to go up on stage 

We are on stage 

We are the party 

Can you take our picture?