Tuesday, July 19, 2016

School, Shopping and Birthday Celebrations

I'm excited about going shopping 

Posing before shopping 

Nice picture 

I don't know what I'm here for

What do you think we are buying? 

I bought something for very special people 

Yes we are the boys in black 

Checking it out before shopping 

Make-up shopping 

We get tired of shopping 

I'm sorry mom but I had to have McDonald's in Italy 

Invasion of McDonald's at the "Due Mari" 

Finishing up our McDonald meal 

You couldn't hide from this photo 

We love shopping 

Now which way do we go? 

Very happy shoppers 

Looking at rings...don't worry mom! 

We need to rest 

Some of us went to the same store 

On a shopping mission 

We are almost done 

Can you please tweet this sir?

Tweet this too please

Look sir what I bought 

The last bunch of shoppers 

Centro Scuola fleet ready to take off 

A view from the bus of San Nicola da Crissa 

Sunset from the bus 

Happy Birthday Laura 

Happy Birthday Joseph 

Studying at Duca di Calabria hotel