Thursday, July 21, 2016

School, Mercato and Pizzo

Professional shoppers 

On a shopping mission 

Let's hurry up! 

I love the mercato 

The delicatessen of nduja

After gelato this is our favourite food

Feeding grapes to the guinea pig 

Political asylum section 

Feeling much better now! 

Shopping or posing 

Shopping...that way!

Shopping with the ladies 

It's not Bass Pro, but....

Born to shop 

Sisterly love 

Sir can you please put this on the blog

Chatting it up in between shopping 

Guess which store we went to? 

Sir, for the twitter 

Beautiful picture of Pizzo 

Not easy to take a group picture for Calabria- Centro 

Taking pictures of this spectacular place 

A picture with Mimmo the owner of Belvedere 

Enjoying dinner in Pizzo 

After dinner....tartufo 

Just about to leave Pizzo...what a beautiful town! 

Moon of Calabria