Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our Day in Tropea

Today Centro Scuola invaded Tropea 

Semi-selfie in Tropea

Greetings and peace from Tropea 

Wow Sir, I want to stay here! 

Enjoy Tropea! 

Tarantella in Tropea 

We wanted to tough it out...but we opted for the umbrella and chairs! 

Beautiful water! 

Most twitted and most blogged! 

Enjoying the shade 

and the sun 

Beautiful place to take a picture 

Yes it's me again! 

Canadian smiles from Tropea

Sir please can you put me on the blog

Me too! 

Enjoying a refreshing watermelon 

Making our way up from the beach 

Ping-pong before dinner 

Grace before meals

Buon Compleanno Savannah