Friday, July 22, 2016

Fun and Study in Serra San Bruno

We love playing bigliardino 

Okay Stefano I will give you a re-match 

Playing against the locales 

Happy Birthday Sabrina 

Buon Compleanno 

Not just another selfie 

An evening at the Golden Bar having gelato is priceless 

Our waiter 

Can we have a picture for the blog with you? 

This is our favourite pizzeria 

Meeting relatives in Serra San Bruno 

Hanging around in front of the church of L'Assunta 

Blending in 

A very nice picture 

Preparing the contestants for the pasta eating contest 

Do we really have to have our hands behind our back? 

Waiting for the pasta to come 

Can we drink some water too? 

Pasta aglio e olio is ready! 

Cheering on the contestants 

The winner of the contest

Adam P. is the winner