Monday, July 27, 2015

Very but beautiful day in Calabria and Sicilia

Hi Parents,

As the little ones are starting to pack, we are sending you this email to let you know that we had another very hot but wonderful day. The little cherubs woke at 6:00 a.m. this morning and after breakfast we boarded the buses to go to Taormina. We got to Villa San Giovanni Calabria and we boarded the ferry to Messina Sicilia. The little explorers enjoyed the spectacular view off the strait of Messina and of course found time to discover the culinary delights on the traghetto. That arancini in fact were very tasty and the little ones enjoyed them very much. Taormina was very hot but the little adventurers enjoyed it very much. After a few hours we left Taormina to get back on the ferry across the strait and we made our way to Reggio Calabria. The lungo mare was spectacular and the little ones also enjoyed shopping in the main street of Reggio Calabria. We got back to the hotel just before 10:00 p.m. and we went straight to the lunch room where a hot "light" dinner was waiting for us. Dinner ended with Biagio's homemade gelato al limone and the little travellers were sent to their rooms to start the packing. 

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Arrivederci e a domani 
Getting off the bus in the ferry 

Our cruise ship 

It's beautiful up here! 

Not everyone is ready for the picture 

Hello Sir! 

Gelato on the ferry 

Who is ready for the picture? 

We are!

The North American way of eating an arancini 

The Italian way of eating arancini 

Very tasty! 

Here we are again! 

What a pose! 

Julia is ready for the picture 

Can you see the special effects? 

Mr. Pemberton and company enjoying the arancini on the ferry 

So much history in this place that we feel like jumping 

The amphitheatre 

The ones who made it to the top and endured the heat

What a beautiful place

Shopping in Taormina 

Relaxing from shopping 

On the shuttle bus to Taormina 

We are ready to do some shopping 

So are we! 

We like shopping after lunch 

We like bargaining 

That is a good price 
The sights are beautiful, the shopping is nice but eating in Taormina is priceless 

If you are going to tweet it than we want to pose

Guess who is eating riso in Taormina 

Are you hiding from the picture or from the granita? 
Leaving Taormina 
Selfie in Reggio Calabria 

How could I find out who is eating the pizza? 

That's how! 

No posing picture 

Posing picture for the blog 

Enjoying french fries in Reggio Calabria 
Big shoppers 

Big shoppers too! 

Leaving Reggio Calabria 

Traffic in Reggio

Special guest for dinner