Friday, July 17, 2015

Serra, Tropea and Simbario

Hello Parents,

The little treasures had a very long and busy day and they are now sleeping, who are we kidding? After breakfast this morning we got on the bus to make our way through the beautiful winding roads, to Tropea. As soon as we got there we handed out the lunch prepared by Biagio and his team. The little ones really enjoyed discovering the beauty of Tropea also known as La Costa degli Dei or The Coast of the Gods. 

In the Afternoon the little scholars were taken down to the beach and they were very much impressed with the beautiful beach and the clear blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Once we got back to Serra San Bruno we had dinner and then we went to Simbario where the town people had prepared an official welcome party. The little dances enjoyed dancing la tarantella and everyone in town was expressed by their dancing skills and their behaviour. 

Arrivederci e a domani! 

Selfies walking down the street of Tropea 

What a beautiful place to have lunch 

Arancini in Tropea 

Shopping in Tropea 

Chilling in Tropea 

Cappuccino in Tropea 

Possible future job for me in Tropea

More Shopping!

Posing for a picture in Tropea 

This is easy....wait for the way up!

Am I going to be on the blog? 

Jogging on the beach 

Walking on the beach 

Enjoying a swim 

This is beautiful! 

Lots of fun in the water 

Welcome Canadese in Simbario 

Hanging around Serra