Monday, July 20, 2015

Serra San Bruno and Davoli Beach

Hello Parents,

The little angels are fast asleep after a long day. In the morning all the students went to school and then enjoyed another "light" lunch before heading off to Davoli. It was a beautiful beach day and the little treasurers swam, tanned, played volleyball, beach soccer and lounged around the lido. 
Their behaviour was exemplary again today and before we left the beach the owner of the lido asked us to take a group picture. We made our way up the mountain and we got to Serra and Spadola at around 8:00 p.m. The little models were then given time to shower and change for dinner. This evening the dinner was buffet style consistently "light" and carbohydrate free except for the pasta salad, pizza, crocchette di palate, french fries, bruschetta, zucchine frittele and the birthday cake. After dinner we celebrated the birthday of Christian Catenacci.

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Arrivederci e a domani

Coming back from school after walking up hill both ways 

Arriving at the beach 

Having a snack? Yes sir it has been an hour since our last meal!

Taking a selfie

Eating again

Posing for the blog 

Learning how to pose

Centro Scuola group shot 
Fruit Kebab 

Playing for the locals 

Can you find the food? 

I'm not sure that the little ones are eating enough! 

Buon Compleanno Christian 

Thank you friends! 

Showing off the polo shirt