Saturday, July 11, 2015

On Our Way to Calabria

Hi Parents,

The little cherubs are now fast asleep. So we think. After another light breakfast this morning based on croissants, some filled with chocolate and some with cream etc., scrambled eggs, bacon, prosciutto crudo, prosciutto cotto, speck, and so on, we made our way to the beautiful Paestum archeological sites.

Afterwards we got on the bus and we started driving south bound towards Calabria. We arrived in Serra San Bruno and everyone was checked-in in both hotels by 8:00 p.m. At 9:00 p.m we sat dinner in the lunchroom ready to enjoy Pino's "light" dinner which started with homemade lasagna, you get the hint!

After dinner we celebrated Alessia's birthday as a family. In Calabria we usually have our cake and eat it too! 

Afterwards we took the precious ones on a walk in town, they were more popular than the actors at the film festivals. After the walk everyone checked-in and they are now dreaming of mommy and daddy.

Like I say, its a sacrifice but someone has to do it. 

Arrivederci a domani

Domenico Servello
Summer Credit in Italy 2015 - Calabria
Twitter: @centroscuolator
Professor Schiavone speaking about history of 2500 years ago

Group shot in front of the temple dedicated to Jupiter 

Benvenuti a Serra San Bruno

Buon Compleanno Alessia 

I'm on a carb diet!

You can drive.....I can play!