Thursday, July 16, 2015

Many Things To Do In Serra San Bruno

Hello Parents,

After a day full of activities the little angels are now sleeping. This morning we had a short two hour class in order to give the little cherubs a chance to experience the open market in Serra San Bruno. Many of them after class crossed the road and the river from the bridge and went on to do bargaining at the mercato. Some of them bought even livestock: a chicken, guinea pigs, a bird, and bunnies. They will all be given up for adoption to a farmer nearby.  After lunch the little scholars had to go back to school for a couple of more hours and then they had some free time which most of them used wisely and a few of them did not. We have spoken to them and the little ones are back on the right track. 

After dinner tonight we had karaoke and they all enjoyed the singing and the dancing, especially la tarantella that everybody danced to. Christian closed the karaoke session with a beautiful song. Tomorrow morning we will go to beautiful Tropea. 

Arrivederci e a domani!
Posing in front of the mercato 

This bridges separates us from good bargains 

We like to shop too! 

For tomorrow's beach day in Tropea 

Lots of good things

The shopping buddies

Are we here to shop or to pose for pictures? 

The lone shopper

Do you think its a good deal sir? 

No I do not work here!

We love bigliardino

We are preparing for the presentation

Going to the karaoke

Good job boys! 

Are we cool or what?

I would be a great singer if it wasn't for my voice 

I do not need to be reminded of the rules....I rewrote them!