Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello Parents,

After a day dedicated to studying for exams the little Einsteins are now going into their rooms waiting for the teachers to tuck them in and sing them a lullaby.  The little cherubs got up this morning a little later than usual, they had breakfast and went to school and came back to the hotel for lunch. After lunch the little scholars studied very hard, either in the pizzeria, in the dining room, on the patio or in the lounge room. After dinner the little explorers were given a chance to enjoy a beautiful evening in Serra San Bruno.  Some had gelato, some had granita and some just walked around mingling with the locals.When they returned to the hotel, on time as usual, some studied some more, some played cards, billiardino or pingpong and some went straight to their rooms ready to go to bed. I am sure that they will all do well tomorrow. Buona notte e a domani.
Waking up to the tarantella and Calabrisella Mr. Femia style 

Starting to study early and hard 

We love to study in the pizzeria 

Very dedicated students 

Studying makes us VERY happy! 

We love to study on the patio 

Sir, it doesn't look like it...but we are studying too. 

We love having gelato in the Golden Bar 

Buon Compleanno RJ! 

Happy birthday Regina Mundi style! 

Can you tell who the intruders are? 

Grazie Signora Servello 

Lounging at the pizzeria 

Having gelato on the patio of the Golden Bar 

Walking about in the streets of Serra 

Chiesa dell'Assunta 

Can you tell who the waiters are? 

A selfie by night 

If Tiziano doesn't come to the selfie, the selfie comes to Tiziano 

"Sir, can we take a selfie???" 

Sir, who's the best looking couple? 
We want to be in the contest too!! 

Sitting down just like the locals