Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hello from Serra San Bruno

Hello Parents,

Yes the little ones are now sleeping and we are here writing to inform you of another fruitful day in Calabria. The little scholars went to school this morning after a healthy breakfast. Today was also mercato day in Serra and the little shoppers were dismissed earlier to give them a chance to go and experience the open market. They did not buy any livestock this time around. After lunch we took the little swimmers to the beach and in spite of the weather not being so nice upon our arrival in Davoli, the little treasurers kept themselves busy until the sun came out nice and strong. We all had an enjoyable time at the beach and we returned to Serra ready to shower and come down for dinner. Dinner was about over when we had a pleasant surprise from the Parafone` and the little dancers were eager to show their tarantella skills. 

After dancing the little explorers were given about an hour to go into town and enjoy a passeggiata like the locals. They all came back on time for curfew and they quietly went to their rooms shhhhhh! Buonanotte 

Arrivederci e a domani! 

We love to study in the pizzeria 
Me too! 

It's very fun! 

Basketball in the courtyard of Hotel Certosa 

Good shot

Good looking dudes! 

The little mermaid in Davoli 

Look mom my new friend! 

Waiting for the weather to get better 

Volleyball game at the beach 

Its so comfy

Dancing la tarantella to the Parafone` music