Monday, July 13, 2015

First Day of School and Beach

Hello Parents,

The little angels have endured a tiring day and they are now fast asleep.....shhhhhh.

After breakfast this morning we went to school and the little ones walked uphill both ways and bare foot for about 20 meters which is the distance that separates the school from the hotel. 
The first day of school in Calabria went very smoothly and the little scholars were eager to learn. After a light lunch for which I will spare you the details for now, it is almost 2:00 a.m here, we went to the beach. What a wonderful day in San Sostene beach. We got back to the hotel and the little cherubs had time to shower and come for dinner. At the end of dinner we celebrated Victoria's birthday and we had time to go out for about an hour. You could see many pictures of today's activities on our blog and on twitter. 

Buona notte e arrivederci a domani!

Domenico Servello
Mr. Plateo's Class 

Ms. Cina's Level 3 and 4 Italian Class 

Mr. Femia's Class 

Mr. Servello's Class 

Volleyball at the beach 

Tanning at the beach 

A refreshing pose

Take a picture of us! 

Me and my best friend 
Ms. Galloway's Class
Ms. Cina's Level 2 Italian Class 

Buon Compleanno Victoria