Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Finally the rain in Serra San Bruno

Dear Parents, 

The little honeys have gone to sleep, some of them are still studying and some are face timing. Today the little scholars went to school both in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. I felt that the little pumpkins needed to be given time to rest and so they did. Today they also experienced the thunder storm in raining since they have been in Serra San Bruno, they really enjoyed watching the rain and some hail fall harshly to the ground. The sun was up soon there after. 

After dinner the little explorers were given some time to take a walk into town and enjoy the fresh mountain air of Serra San Bruno. They all came back on time for curfew and went straight to their rooms ready to be tucked in. 

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Arrivederci e a domani! 
Enjoying the rain in Serra San Bruno 

Watching the rain 

Hard working team! 

Who's hiding in your room? 

Sweet gelato night

Espresso at bar Certosa 

Can you tweet this sir? 

And this too!

We are feeling much better sir! 

Please wait in line for your hair cut!

Did the barber do a good job? 

Asking questions to Mr. Servello 

Let's read the next chapter

Take this serve!