Sunday, July 26, 2015

Exam Day in Calabria

Hello Parents,

The little scholars have completed their academic responsibilities. After studying hard  they all completed the exams today and they seem to be happy with their efforts. This morning we gave them a little bit more time to sleep in and after a late breakfast some of them came to church and most of them stayed back to study some more. 
We had a  very "light" lunch comprised of penne with seafood, homemade zucchini flower frittelle, veal scaloppine, potatoes and other vegetables and watermelon for dessert. After lunch the little scholars made their way to school to write their exams. 

We had dinner, I'm going to spare you the menu and we celebrated Marc Gallo's birthday. After dinner the little angels were given some free time to digest and an early curfew because tomorrow we are getting up early to go to beautiful Taormina. 

The little ones are fast asleep or so we hope.

Experiencing a wedding ceremony in Serra San Bruno 

We could call it a selfie!

Apperitivo at bar Tassone 

Guess who is studying and who is relaxing?

Welcome Mr. Mazzucco and family

Buon Compleanno Marc 

Happy Birthday Marc! 

Celebrating my birthday with my friends 

No we are not locals! 

Hello Mr. Servello 

Are you going to put this picture on the blog?