Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beautiful Sunday in Serra San Bruno

ello Parents,

What a beautiful Sunday in Serra San Bruno. The little angels had a later wake up call so that they can rest after a night of dancing in Simbario. Breakfast was also later than usual and at 10:45 a.m. we took the little cherubs to church. The students were able to participate in the celebration because we had prepared a sheet with the responses in Italian. Joseph Terech read the Gospel in English. 

After mass we went back to the hotel to have a "light" lunch: pasta alla Certosa, followed by a grilled steak, salad etc.

In the afternoon the little scholars took some time to study and then they had some free time in Serra San Bruno. Unfortunately the Sunday open market through the streets of Serra was cancelled for reasons unknown to us, but the little treasures spent their time wisely until dinner. 

We ate dinner at 8:00 p.m I will spare you the menu. After dinner we celebrated  Dave Rucchetta's Birthday and after a brief walk into town the little dancers came back to the hotel Certosa discoteca to dance the night away. 

The little treasures are now fast asleep and I'm sure they are dreaming of you. 

Arrivederci a domani!
Joseph waiting to read the Gospel 

Good job Joseph!

Milk and cookies

Washing clothes Calabrese style 

Mr. hairy Femia 

Buon Compleanno David 

Happy Birthday David

Selfie with Giovanna 

Discoteca at Hotel Certosa 

Their dancing we are studying....but its okay!

Centro Scuola bunny!