Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Beautiful Day in Serra San Bruno

Hi Parents,

Another day has gone by in Serra San Bruno and the little ones are now sound asleep in their rooms. It was a beautiful sunny day which started with the usual "light" breakfast. The school day was smooth and profitable. After lunch we had study hall and the little scholars were diligently studying with their friends. Some of them had time to go and play calcetto, grocery shopping or clothes shopping. During dinner we celebrated Stefano's birthday.

Attached please find the revised itinerary. Please visit our blog for daily pictures and follow us on twitter.

Arrivederci e a domani!
After doing the laundry in the Ancinale River 

Expressing our love 

Buon Compleanno Stefano

Cappuccino at Hotel Certosa 

Selfie....unsuccessful mission!

Buon Appetito 

Fashionable Femia 

Ciao Mamma!

And Papa` 

Wanted....Good Teachers!