Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beautiful Day in Taormina

Half way to Sicilia 

Up on deck

Just taking pictures

The briscola addicts 

We are posing for you

Nice breeze 

Looking cool on deck 

In line for the arancini

Just standing here 

Our staff 

Discovering Taormina 

Shopping in Taormina 

More shopping in Taormina

The only way I can get in the picture is if I take a selfie
More good staff 

Shoe shopping in Taormina

The 3 amigos in Taormina

Chilling in Taormina 

On our way to the amphitheatre

The church of St. John Bosco in Taormina 

The view from the amphitheatre 

Group shot in the amphitheatre 

Shopping in Reggio Calabria