Monday, July 29, 2019

Daily News - July 29, 2019

Dear Parents, 

This morning we had breakfast and we made our way to Paola but once we got there we were informed that the buses could not go up to the sanctuary parking because there was no vigile (traffic police). We turned back and made our way to the shopping mall so that the students could be given their lunch and use the restroom. The little shoppers had a good time at the Due Mari where they discovered first of all McDonald's and then they went on buying souvenirs for mommy and daddy. We got back to the hotels and after getting ready the little ones gathered at Hotel Certosa for dinner. At the end of dinner we celebrated Julia's and Victoria's birthday. After dinner they were allowed to go out end enjoy a beautiful evening in Serra San Bruno. Now they are all back in their hotels sleeping like little angels. Tomorrow is packing in the morning and beach in the afternoon. 

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A Leisure Day and Evening

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Daily News - July 28

Dear Parents, 

The little scholars have completed their academic itinerary today with the final exams. You will see in the pictures on the blog how nervous the little ones were before the exams and how relieved they were afterwards. The day was filled once again with a lot of activities. The ones who finished the exams in the morning went to visit the museum of La Certosa or they played beach volley or simply relaxed in the afternoon. After dinner we all went to la piazza because the city of Serra San Bruno organized an arrivederci evening. The students danced and they were the centre of attention for the Serresi tonight. We all got back, signed in and everybody went to their room. The little cherubs are now fast asleep having sweet dreams. 

Tomorrow we have the excursion to Paola where we will visit the sanctuary of San Francesco and on the way back we will stop at the Due Mari mall where the little world travellers will probably spend some more of your money. 

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